Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bacon Ice Cream Presents - Dreamation 2009 The Walkthrough!

Rich takes us on a tour of Dreamation 2009, while also telling us of all the amazing things you can find at any of Double Exposure's events!

Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dreamation 2009 - Chocolate Heaven!

Here is a Time-Lapse of the Chocolate Dreams event at Dreamation 2009, held at the Morrisontown Hyatt.

Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dreamation 2009: The Wrap-up!

Rich and Diabolik talk about what happened at Dreamation 2009, held at the Morristown Hyatt, and look to the future of things Double Exposure and of our own projects at Bacon Ice Cream!

You can view the craziness directly here.

Dreamation 2009 - Street Fighter IV Tournament and Rich's ass beating!

A Street Fighter IV pick-up tournament was held in the electronic gaming room at Dremation, a convention held at the Morristown Hyatt in Morristown, NJ. Rich is there to participate and get his ass beat! Special thanks to Rich's mystery camera operator! Many thanks indeed!

You can view the action directly here.

Dreamation 2009 - A Few Minutes with Kate Beaman-Martinez

Diabolik sits down with Kate Beaman-Martinez of Double Exposure who gives us a post convention wrap up.

You can view the interview directly here.

Dreamation 2009 - A Few Minutes with Tony DiGerolamo

Diabolik sits down with the infamous Tony D who came a little late to the convention because he was a guest speaker for another convention. They talk about The Complete Mafia and other projects that Tony is involved with, such as his webcomic SuperFrat and the potential for a RPG for SuperFrat.

You can watch the video directly here.

Dreamation 2009 - A Few Minutes With Dave Simpson

Diabolik sits down with the notorious Dave Simpson, who keeps all of his clothes on this time. They talk about Bucephalus Games who Dave is helping as part of the Demo team, along with his Blood & Leather Boxing card game and the demo he ran of another of his own projects, Rampaging Titan.

You can watch the interview directly here.